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Holiday Entertainment with Juggling, Magic and a
Whole lot of fun!

Let jugglers, magicians, fire eaters, and a wide variety of themed based charcters liven up your gathering.

Visit the blog for more information on what we've been up to and what we have on tap.

If you're looking for great entertainment for any event, large or small, please keep us in mind.

• Juggling • Magic
• Balloon Sculpture • Face Painting
• Workshops
• Interactive Performance

Juggling • Fire Eating • Magic • Mime
• Balloon Sculpture • Face Painting
• Workshops
• Interactive Performance

Mountain Circus Arts is a family troupe that has been entertaining audiences large and small for 30 years. We have served clients throughout the southeast from Florida to Virginia and have been based near Asheville North Carolina since 1992.

We offer clowns and street style performers who specialize in juggling, comedy, magic, balloon sculpture, face painting, fire-eating, and more. Funny, skilled and engaging, our entertainers never fail to please, whether at a small family gathering, a company picnic, a mall, or a festival.

All purpose, thematic and seasonal characters are available with options for strolling and stage.


Mountain Circus Arts


Randall juggling in downtown Asheville

• Randall, juggling, magic and fire, costumed to order.

Papa Elf juggles pins, balls, rings and more. Close up and stage magic with personal interaction have helped make this character a favorite for generations throughout the Southeast.

• Dipsy the Elf has been entertaining audiences for twenty five years. Funny, loving and skilled, Dipsy engages her audience with skits, juggling and magic.

• Fredzo the Clown, a delightful Auguste/Hobo.

• The Great Zukini, a juggling
fire eater with an exotic, Eastern European flair.

Pepe Le Chef, an over the top cooking fanatic who juggles french bread loaves and makes a big mess of everything he touches

• Uncle Sam, with or without stilts.

• Dr. Despicable, a goofy mad scientist who tries to be scary but fails miserably.

• The Hay Man, a Ren Faire inspired village idiot loved by thousands.

• Nelson Nermal, a classic nerd for reunions.

Dr. Diggs, an eccentric Paleontologist/Archeologist.

• Full Over Costumed Characters, custom ordered.

• Mimes, custom ordered, impeccable.


Our clowns have taught in North Carolina public and private schools, helping children and teenagers learn new skills, perform comedy routines with impeccable timing, and gain confidence in themselves.

At gatherings where there are children and adults present for extended periods, teaching clown skits to groups of children for later performance in front of the adults is an excellent activity designed to delight young and old.

Snap training and performance as an interactive act involving many members of the audience is also a wonderful crowd pleaser for any event, from a birthday party to a conference. This act can be produced on stage, in a large room, or in any outdoor space.

For details on these offerings as well as pricing and availability, please click the Services tab above.

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